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Childhood friends remain in our hearts forever, even if we grow up or move. So, it was with you – you lived with a friend for almost ten years in neighboring houses. But then your family moved, and you lost contact. How nice it was to meet a childhood friend in your favorite cafe. You began to share experiences and talk about life’s successes, achievements, and problems. You said you want to build a harmonious relationship, but your girlfriends do not want to get married. It makes you sad, but you still believe in love.

Luckily, you met him because a childhood friend gave advice and told you how lucky he was to meet single women online. In this, he was helped by professional matrimonial service, where he found a charming Polish bride. She turned out to be beautiful and graceful, but most importantly, she had a wonderful character. Now marriage with her has become his real happiness. Now you’re thinking about meeting Polish singles too, and our review will help you get the most out of it.

Best Cities to meet Polish singles:Warszawa, Poznan, Krakow, Lublin, Lodz
Average Number Of Singles:More than 6 million single women
Average Singles Age:24 years old
Best Dating Site/App:RussianCupid, DateNiceSlav, AnastasiaDate, VictoriaHearts
Polish Singles

Characteristics of Polish Singles

Poland is a country with a rich and interesting history that has managed to make a serious economic leap in the last 20 years. There is a fairly high standard of living, good education, and rich culture. Here on the streets, you can admire the excellent architecture and even meet Polish women who will amaze you with their grace and charm. However, these are just a few factors from a large list of advantages.

Beautiful Slavic Appearance

Polish girls belong to the Slavic race. Surely, you have already heard about how beautiful single Polish women are. As a rule, they have and delicate fair skin. In addition, these ladies have a beautiful, graceful figures and natural grace. But most of all, you will remember a sincere and positive smile that captivates at first sight. Even after many years of married life, you will look with delight at a Polish woman because they are a real treasure of nature.

Style and Grace

Yes, Polish single women have an innate sense of style. They know how to perfectly match the image for any event and look great in an evening or stylish cocktail dress. And you won’t have to wait long for her to create the look – a Polish wife doesn’t need much makeup. But the main thing is that you will have an incredible effect and find yourself in the spotlight at a business meeting and a fashion show if you come there with this charming companion.

Interesting Character

You have also heard about the soft nature of Slavic women, but the situation is a little different if we are talking about single Polish girls. After all, they have already managed to integrate into the modern Western world with the values ​​of equality. And this is a very interesting situation because you get a charming foreign bride with a pleasant personality and is prone to dialogue. Yes, a Polish woman can become an ideal partner because she does not just listen to you, and she is a real soulmate, next to whom you feel the real comfort.

Single Polish Women

What is Polish Single Women Looking for in a Foreign Man?

Today, thousands of single Polish ladies are looking for a partner on international dating sites. This is the best option that helps to find a soul mate and start safe communication. Polish women are also looking for men with certain qualities that are important to them. Let’s talk about what kind of men Polish women like.

Educated and Smart

As a rule, a single Polish female has a good education and a broad outlook. She will be bored with a stupid man. Therefore, local ladies prefer communication with educated and smart people. Of course, you do not need to have a PhD, but you must be an interesting conversationalist. A good sense of humor is a great added value. And if you made a Polish female smile sincerely, it means that she is interested in you.

Positive Attitude Toward Life

Your life will become much more interesting if you are lucky enough to meet Polish girls because local women have a cheerful character. Also, they prefer to look for these qualities in a partner. You are lucky if you like sports, active activities, walking, and fun. Because now you have an ideal soulmate who shares your attitude toward life.

Family values

Loneliness is a real test and no one likes being single in Poland. Local women are looking for men who want to build a strong family based on mutual respect and understanding. They are supporters of traditional family values ​​and will not tolerate lovers. Love, understanding, kindness, and care for children – they value these qualities in men and choose such partners for family life.

single women in Poland

Polish Dating Culture

A foreigner in Poland is not always familiar with local customs and rituals. A wedding has national characteristics in every country. To better understand them, a foreigner invited to the celebration should familiarize himself with some points.

  • A wedding is an important event not only for a single Polish woman but also for her relatives and groom. Therefore, the grooms had to buy a wedding dress, shoes, and veil for their chosen ones. The dress had to be white, symbolizing the girl’s purity and innocence. The groom wore a black suit, a white shirt with a bow tie, a hat, and white gloves.
  • Married women celebrated the young bride’s wedding on the eve of the wedding. They had fun until early morning. Interestingly, no one else could take part in this fun.
  • “Karavay” – ceremonial bread baked for the wedding. The composition included only wheat flour. It was decorated with various symbolic figures. It was customary to sing while it was cooking.
  • The main ceremonial wedding dishes were loaf and baked chicken. In addition, stewed pork, beetroot soup, broth with dumplings, and peas were especially often served on the table.

Places to Find a Polish Single Woman to Date

Our world has become much more convenient thanks to modern technology. Now you do not need to apply for visas and fly to other countries to meet single women and start communicating with them. In this case, the best assistant for you is a quality dating site. After all, many charming women are looking for American men. However, you can go to Europe, and the choice is yours.


You have access to a huge number of Polish singles in just a few minutes. Thanks to a quality search tool, you can indicate the feminine qualities that are important to you and start online communication. But it is important to choose the best site that provides high security and reliability. A thorough analysis of dozens of companies will take a lot of time, so we decided to help you.

For example, you can choose the VictoriaDates service, which cooperates with thousands of single women in Poland. A large user base and a good reputation increase your chances of success. Also, DateNiceSlav has vast experience and a stylish website that is understandable even for an inexperienced user. With such a platform, your path to happiness will be pleasant and comfortable. Or you can become a client of KissRussianBeauty. This is another good option if you meet single girls from Eastern Europe. Reliable protection against scammers, adequate prices, and many users (more than 30 million).

Meet Polish Women


Also, you can go across the ocean and try to find a Polish woman near you. Of course, you will need to pay for a plane ticket, hotel accommodation, and meals, but this method can also give a lot of positive emotions. Moreover, local cities have many attractions and places of interest. And most importantly, charming singles in Poland are ready to get acquainted even on the street. You can start a conversation with this friendly and lovely lady. However, it is better to look for acquaintances in more interesting places – museums, art galleries, or libraries. Also, you can go to a nightclub or cafe if you want a more spicy acquaintance.

Success Stories of American Men and Polish Girls

We found reviews of users lucky enough to find happiness on dating sites and play international marriage with them on the Internet. We want to share this experience with you because this way, you can evaluate someone else’s experience and draw conclusions.


“I used to feel lonely, but that’s gone since I met the Polish woman of my dreams. I registered on the Kiss Russian Beauty website, and several women immediately wrote to me. I started a conversation and chose a soul mate with whom I had already managed to build a great relationship. Choose this site because it helps organize date Polish girls.”


“I used to deal with Polish singles in the USA, so I know a little about their culture. So I decided to chat with them on a dating site. I did not even expect that it would drag me out so much and I would find my love here. She charmed me with tenderness and care, so I made the best choice of my life.”


“I have long been convinced that girls nearby are not for me. I want some exotic and natural beauty. Therefore, Polish women are great not only for online communication but also for relationships. So far, I only communicate with them on a dating site, but if I want something more, I will create a family with a Polish bride.”

Author Conclusion

Now you know all the important information and can meet women in Poland or use the help of a quality dating site. Let your path to happiness be as comfortable and safe as possible. Choose the best platform, register, and find love. Good luck!

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