The Best Guide To Indian Single Women

Whether because of the popularity of Hindu movies or because of other reasons, single Indian women are becoming extremely popular among foreign men. Indian women are very attractive and kind and have amazing personalities. Their sense of humor and cheerfulness attract attention and make them more loveable.

However, most men don’t know how to date Indian single women. This article aims to fix this problem. Check it out if you want to learn more about Indian women. 

🌆Best Cities to Meet Single Women:Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, and Chennai.
💁Average Number Of Singles:Around 72 million.
🧓Average Singles Age:Around 22-25 years old. 
📱Best Dating Site/App:Happn, Tinder. 
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Who Are Indian Singles?

When someone thinks about single Indian girls, they picture a gorgeous lady with long dark hair, beautiful big eyes, flawless skin, and a gorgeous body. It is true that Indian women are gorgeous, feminine, and charming. However, most of us date others not only because of their good looks.

If you want to date single Indian ladies and even form a serious relationship, you should learn more about their personalities. One thing is for sure: they are willing to date foreign men. Even though there are more men than women in India, there are 72 million single and lonely ladies. Thus, you have a great chance to find an Indian wife.

But before you meet Indian singles, learn more about who they are. Here are a few main characteristics:

  • Family-oriented.
  • Determined.
  • Hard-working.
  • Kind and loving.

Without further ado, let’s see what they are like.


A typical single Indian female wants to settle down and start a family. Even though in urban areas, women are more into building their careers and becoming successful, they still want meaningful relationships. Indian women want to love and be loved. Naturally, they want to have children with men they love and value. 


Typically, Indian women are determined and goal-oriented. They rarely give up when they want to achieve something. Thus, they have amazing problem-solving skills, which are great regarding family relations.

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As mentioned, Indian women in urban areas want to be financially independent. India still has problems regarding paying women for their work, which makes Indian women even more hard-working and determined to be successful. Indian girls study a lot and invest in self-education while also working hard to maintain the household. Most Indian singles often help their mothers, so they are used to hard work.

Kind And Loving

Most single women in India are very kind, although they do tend to be direct and bold. However, they barely ever try to be vile intentionally. Most Indian women have loving and caring personalities. This trait helps them become excellent wives and loving mothers. 

What Indian Single Women Looking For In A Foreign Man? 

If you’re into meeting Indian singles, you should be aware of what they want from men. You may have already guessed that Indian women are into men with serious intentions, and you’re correct to assume that.

When you meet single girls in India, you should do whatever it takes to convince them girl that you have serious intentions. Don’t skip meeting her family, friends, etc. You may show serious intentions by learning how to speak the local language. Most likely, her parents don’t speak English, and you have to communicate somehow.

When you meet Indian women, it’s important to understand that her family’s opinion is extremely important to her. If her parents don’t like you, you may lose your chance to be with the Indian woman you like. Thus, you must get the approval of her family. Here’s an ideal candidate for their daughter:

  • Financially stable.
  • Has future prospects.
  • He is reliable and true to his word.
  • Can support the family with children.

You may think it’s shallow to determine a good husband by how much he earns, but it’s essential in India. Your girlfriend’s parents want their daughter to be protected. If you have a stable job, you’re respectful, and you are a loving and caring person, you have all the chances to win the heart of an Indian woman.

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India Dating Culture

The first thing to understand is that being single in India as a woman means everyone is in your business. Every family member, relative, or neighbor will keep asking a woman why she’s still single. It’s especially prevalent when an Indian woman is approaching her thirties. Thus, most, if not all, women in India have serious relationships in mind.

Second, if you meet Indian girls, they don’t fool around. This fact derives from the previous one, plus the cultural background in India. People still have arranged marriages in the said country, especially in rural areas. It’s even possible to find ads in local newspapers about men and women seeking future spouses. 

That being said, singles in India consider serious relationships only. Moreover, public displays of affection are frowned upon in many areas of India. People can assume that a woman holding hands with a man is a fallen woman. Thus, Indian women don’t want to hook up since it’s a risk to their future prospects. 

If you want to date Indian girls, consider the following tips:

  • Demonstrate your dedication with words and actions. 
  • Level up your romantic relationships.
  • Don’t have other women around you.
  • Be confident, but take it easy.

Let’s check in detail each tip that should help you meet women in India and charm them.

Demonstrate Dedication

You might spend hours telling an Indian girl about your ambitions and how you want to date her. But such activities won’t mean anything if you’re not doing anything to prove your words. Introduce her to your friends and family, and don’t avoid meeting her family and friends. These actions prove that you have serious intentions.

Indian Single Women

Level Up

Typically, Indian women are unwilling to date someone for years without seeing any progress in the relationship. They are willing to date for a year maximum, and then they expect a proposal. It’s possible to move in together, but as mentioned, India is traditionally patriarchal, and it’s frowned upon to live together before marriage.

No Other Women

Undoubtedly, most people have relationship baggage. However, don’t try talking about your former girlfriends unless an Indian woman asks explicitly about them. However, don’t praise them! You shouldn’t talk badly about them, but definitely avoid praising them. Moreover, don’t mention other women, or don’t compliment them in front of your Indian wife or girlfriend. 

Demonstrate Confidence

Indian girls are drawn to confident guys. However, there are a few things that repel Indian women. For instance, witnessing a man being rude or arrogant. Whether to the lady or those around him, it is an instant turn-off for Indian women.

Places To Find A Indian Single Woman 

Most foreign men have several great and affordable options to meet a single Indian woman for serious relationships. Traveling and using dating apps are two great and affordable options to use. However, there are some other surprising tricks to use to encounter Indian women. Let’s delve into the details.

Find Indian Single Woman


You can meet single women online, even by using social media. Check out Instagram and use the hashtag “India” to find profiles of women from India. Some of these ladies may even live in your home country!

However, the most effective option is to use a dating platform. Online dating sites enable users to find the most compatible partners out there! Use the following apps:

  • International Cupid.
  • Tinder.
  • eHarmony,
  • Hinge.
  • Happn.
  • Mamba.

You may also set up an online app to meet girls nearby by specifying your target audience. Use filters and choose the nationality of your future girlfriend. Sometimes, you can find Indian women nearby without even traveling to India. This option works well if you live in countries with big Indian diasporas. 

In Person 

If you can meet single women in India by traveling to the said country, you should definitely opt for this option. India is a beautiful country with an ancient history and rich culture. Consider visiting the following cities:

  • Mumbai.
  • Delhi.
  • Bangalore.
  • Kolkata.
  • Chennai.

You may also find Indian singles in USA if you can’t travel to India. The U.S. and Canada have the biggest communities of people from India. Thus, you should be lucky to encounter Indian women in your city.

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Success Stories Of American Men And Indian Girls

  • James and Saanvi. “I’m one of those guys who met his wife, thanks to Instagram. That’s a fun story to tell our future kids! Saanvi caught my attention with her unique beauty, so I gathered my courage and messaged her. I will never regret this decision.”
  • William and Mirza. “Everyone was using dating apps and seemed to be satisfied with the results. I was single, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt me if I tried. That’s how I met my future wife, Mirza.”
  • Benjamin and Divya. “I was always fascinated by India and its culture, so I moved to India since I can work remotely. Now I love this country even more since I met my fiance in India!”

Tips On Dating Indian Women 

Author Conclusion 

There are a few useful options to meet and start dating Indian women. One of the best options is to use dating apps. You can find an Indian woman near you without the hustle and bustle! However, don’t dismiss a trip to India that easily. It’s a beautiful country with amazing places to visit. You can combine your trip with a search for a girlfriend.

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