The Best Guide To Spanish Single Women

Most of us love living in the 21st century because of all the possibilities. We can explore the world, meet new people, learn new amazing things, etc. That’s one of the reasons why international dating is so popular. Many men are interested in dating foreign women, particularly single Spanish women.

Beautiful, charming, and feminine are just a few simple words to describe Spanish single women. However, there are many more details to add to their descriptions. Keep reading the article if you’re interested in dating Spanish women. 

🌆Best Cities to Meet Single Women:Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, and Seville.
💁Average Number Of Singles:Around 5 million.
🧓Average Singles Age:26-27 years old.
📱Best Dating Site/App:Bumble, Tinder
Spanish Single Women

Who Are Spanish Singles?

You may be attracted to single Spanish girls because of their beauty and charm. However, beauty and overall physical appearance don’t determine who the person is. It’s critical to understand what are the general characteristics of Spanish women and what to expect from them in romantic relationships. 

Here are some general facts about Spanish girls to understand:

  • They aren’t perfect, yet they improve what they have.
  • They are determined and hard-working but still family-oriented.
  • They remain loyal to friends and family.
  • They are passionate and devoted.

These are some general facts and common trends about women in Spain. It takes time and communication to understand your girlfriend better. All Spanish women are unique, but these facts are common. Let’s dive into details about each trend. 

Not Perfect Yet Trying To Be The Best Selves

What is the modern single Spanish female like? Modern Spanish women do not like to compare themselves with men. Regarding her way of living, she recognizes that her needs are essential and rejects ultra-perfect and unrealistic standards. 

Typical single women in Spain accept themselves yet aspire to perfection. Yet, they are aware of their limits. 

Thus, Spanish women have personalities based on these main pillars:

  • Acceptance of what they have.
  • Dedication to self-improvement and loving themselves.
  • Loving what they have.

They are chill, love life, and prefer perfecting what they have. They don’t need perfect men, but they want to date men with aspirations and goals.

single women in Spain

Determined And Hard-Working, But Family-Oriented

Regarding motherhood, the statistic reveals that most women want to become mothers. There are two very different trends in Spain, but with one thing in common: they don’t feel guilty for choosing one trend or the other.

Thus, while some Spanish singles choose against having children, they don’t feel guilty. However, the majority of women still want to become mothers. The recent trend in Spain is about acceptance. You can’t be a perfect mother while maintaining a job.

If you meet Spanish women, most of them want to keep their jobs while becoming wives and mothers. Thus, you should expect to date a Spanish lady who wants relationship equality. The good news is that such a trend takes off the burden from men as they are no longer single breadwinners for their families.

When you meet single girls in Spain, you will notice that they work hard. They study hard, work hard, and dedicate themselves to romantic relationships, so everything works well. 

Loyal And Relationship-Centered

If you meet Spanish woman near you, you will learn that they value their relationships and families. Most Spanish girls love big gatherings and enjoy spending time with their friends. However, they put a ton of effort into meeting loyal friends and working on their relationships. 

Spanish women value and cherish what they have. They form relationships for life. Even though they are extremely friendly and hospitable, they have closest friends they are unwilling to let go. Thus, they are loyal, supportive, and helpful in their relationships. They behave similarly when they meet people they are romantically interested in and want to spend their life together. 

Passionate And Devoted

As mentioned, not every Spanish woman wants to become a mother, yet they are passionate about something. Being single in Spain is typically OK as long as people find something to focus on. Overall, people have aspirations and goals outside of their relationships.

When a single Spanish woman meets a man she likes and wants to spend the rest of her life with, she is a fully-developed person. That’s because she has interests and hobbies in life. She is passionate about her hobbies, work, friends, pets, etc. Spanish girls are devoted to what they love and know how to express their feelings and emotions.

Spanish Singles

What Spanish Single Women Looking For In A Foreign Man? 

Typically, single Spanish ladies like dating foreign men because they are curious and often believe they have many things in common with people from abroad. Moreover, women outnumber men in Spain. Thus, they have to choose other options to find partners.

They’re seeking males who have an urban aesthetic. Bearded males have the best chances, as having a beard has been a mainstream trend lately. Of course, there are several varieties of beards: the five o’clock beard, the hipster, the “unkempt one,” the “I take care of my beard too much” variant, etc. It all sounds funny, but even men with the so-called five o’clock beard are considered more attractive.

As for the profession, musicians, actors, painters, writers, and men with similar professions are in luck. If you meet Spanish singles, they like creative people since they are good at flirting and seducing. Moreover, music and poetry are essential parts of the culture in Spain. Spanish girls are attracted to such guys since they view them as hopeless romantics.

When meeting Spanish singles, take care of your appearance. It’s uncommon for men in Spain not to look great on a date. Spanish girls consider a date a special occasion, so they won’t accept men who don’t even put some effort into looking good. 

Spanish women also love it when foreign guys are curious about Spain’s history and culture. It’s also a great starting point if you don’t know what to discuss during the date. Spanish women love foreign guys who aren’t self-centered and can listen to their girlfriends.

Being single in Spain

Spain Dating Culture 

If you meet Spanish girls, you should be aware of the dating culture in Spain. It’s especially important to know what to expect if you plan to travel to Spain. Here are a few useful tips for foreigners who want to understand how the dating culture in Spain works:

  • Dress well. Typically, singles in Spain value making a good first impression. Men and women dress elegantly and stylishly for every occasion.
  • Show affection. It’s OK to be affectionate and expressive in Spain.
  • Enjoy being spontaneous. Spanish women like surprises and doing things they’ve never expected to do. They also love men who aren’t afraid to try new things.

These are a few simple tricks to fit in with the dating culture in Spain.

Places To Find A Spanish Single Woman 

There are two main ways to meet single women from Spain: online and in person. However, we have a few surprising tips for you, so keep reading. 


The easiest way to meet single women online from Spain without traveling is to use dating apps and websites. The online dating culture is mainstream today, so there are great chances of meeting a perfect partner online. Before listing apps to use to meet Spanish women, let’s see other online methods to meet partners:

  • Use social media, such as Instagram.
  • Use forum websites.
  • Use Reddit and specific threads dedicated to international dating.

These are less common, yet sometimes very effective, ways to meet women in Spain. However, it’s easier to meet Spanish women by using the following platforms:

  • Tinder.
  • International Cupid.
  • Bumble.
  • Mamba.
  • eHarmony.
  • Match.

Dating sites offer tools and functions to meet a perfect partner. You can meet the perfect Spanish woman online without putting much effort. However, most apps require buying subscriptions.

single women in Spain

In Person 

You may meet Spanish singles in USA if you find local communities. However, the best option to meet Spanish women in person is to travel to Spain. You can ask friends or co-workers if they know single Spanish women, but why take away the possibility of visiting such a beautiful country? Thus, if you can, travel to Spain to meet Spanish women!

Success Stories Of American Men And Spanish Girls

  • William and Martina. “I met Martina when we were students. She was a transfer student from Spain, and she quickly caught my attention. We are now married and expecting our first child in a few months.”
  • Charles and Bárbara. “I was always into dating foreign girls. That’s why I tried using a dating app. It took me just a few months before I met Bárbara. We are still dating, although I believe she’s the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with.”
  • Julian and Lucía. “I was on vacation in Spain when I met my future wife, Lucía. She’s the most devoted, loving, and passionate woman I’ve ever met.”

Peculiarities Of Dating Spanish Women

Author Conclusion 

Men should learn more about the dating culture in Spain if they want to date Spanish girls. The process isn’t difficult or much different from dating in any other country, but some peculiarities are important to understand.

You may also use dating apps like Tinder to meet girls nearby from Spain. Overall, dating apps are extremely effective at matching compatible individuals. It’s also easy to meet Spanish women if you use filters.

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