Are German Women Good Wives?

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It has been established that nationality impacts people’s traces of character and their attitude to life. That is why every nation has its unique features, which are often perceived as a stamp. When speaking about Germans, the situation is the same. They have lots of traits that differentiate them from the female representatives in other nations. The discussion of this topic often implies the question of how German wives are. The concepts of the girlfriend and the wife are somewhat different here. However, bringing up a girl determines her qualities as a woman. Marriage does not bring too many changes in their mentality. In the majority of cases, they follow the traditions and customs in family lives, which they see from early childhood.

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What Is Going on in German Families? Some Statistics

The comparison of different nations demonstrates that German ladies consider themselves to be sufficiently emancipated. It is especially evident in comparison with Eastern European women. When they are young, they believe that they will become successful ladies and they will be able to combine their family and career affairs. However, the situation is somewhat different. About 70% of wives in Germany work. But, at the same time, they still perform more housework and childcare than their husbands. Thus, they try to work and care about their families. What can be better about German mail order wives? Let’s look through the characteristics of these fascinating ladies.

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German Mail Order Wives Profiles

Kasia 25 y.o.
Location Krakow
Occupation Model
Kids No
Olha 26 y.o.
Location Warsaw
Occupation Fitness Coach
Kids No
Justyna 22 y.o.
Location Gdansk
Occupation Teacher
Kids No
Natalia 29 y.o.
Location Wroclaw
Occupation Student
Kids No
Malgorzata 24 y.o.
Location Warsaw
Occupation Designer
Kids No
Iza 25 y.o.
Location Poznan
Occupation Manager
Kids 1
Izabela 28 y.o.
Location Gdansk
Occupation Student
Kids No
Kasia 26 y.o.
Location Krakow
Occupation SMM
Kids No
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Does a German Woman Want to Create a Family ASAP?

This story is not about Germans, both males and females. They can date for several years and not be in a hurry to create families. Especially, they do not want to have children immediately. This period can last for several years. Before marriage, Germans try to learn from each other better. During this time, males may pay women’s bills and present their female partners with flowers. However, in the majority of cases, German girls do not like when males express excessive care towards them. Here, we mean paying bills in restaurants as well.

What Are the Primary Traces of Female German Singles?

Like many other nationalities, Germans have their unique traces, which make them special and highly recognizable. These traces relate to both their appearance and their inner world. Let’s see what is terrific about them.

The Appearance of These Ladies

There is a misconception that German ladies are not beautiful. However, it is far from being true. We doubt that so many foreign males would be so eager to find German wife if Germans were unattractive. By nature, many of them are gifted by extreme beauty. There are lots of pretty girls with delicate facial features. However, it is not always apparent because beautiful German women do not want to show off and seek to emphasize their femininity and attractiveness. They do not wear too much make-up, and they do not like luxury clothes. They prefer to wear simple things: jackets, jeans, sneakers, etc.

Are They Fit?

When speaking about the bodies, it is necessary to underline that many German singles have good figures. They are athletic enough and fit. Especially those women looking for love will try to look attractive because generally accepted beauty norms are working in Germany as well. That is why do not wonder when your mail order wife will spend enough time in the gym or even suggest going there together.


What About Free Time?

In everyday life, German women don’t want to look sexy. They just need to be clean and tidy. But when they go to the theater, restaurant, singles try to follow the dress code and dress carefully in the evening. It is generally accepted there. And during weekdays, they present themselves modestly and simply, without standing out.

Which Are the Inner Characteristics of German Wives

It is generally accepted that a wife from Germany sets the tone of relationships and dictates the conditions, which are comfortable for her. She may do it softly or in a harder manner, but it is she who does it. However, the German male remains to be the primary breadwinner in the family. The women’s appearance does not play a significant role in the question of relationships. Moreover, it cannot create any complexes inside. They all know that they will find their partner at any time. The person’s age is not decisive here as compared to other countries. At any age, German women are demanded in their country. So, what are the main traces of women here?

  • These women are independent.

Each German single woman is very independent and self-sufficient. They do not count on a man; they try to make their way into living independently. Someone may call it feminism, but we cannot answer for sure. Current life demonstrates that such a phenomenon of women’s self-sufficiency is now gaining potency in all civilized countries. They really evaluate their lives and their opportunities, set goals, and achieve them by themselves. The same situation is with professional development. This trait is instilled in them from childhood by their parents and runs throughout their lives. Germans are the same phenomena as independence, which gets its features over the years.

  • They are very hardworking.

In Germany, it does not matter where the girl is studying and who her parents are. Sitting on the neck of the parents until the end of education or until marriage is a bad tone. They try to find a part-time job, live separately in dormitories. In such a way, they are working under their development. That is why marrying German woman is a popular request online. The choice of these males is self-explanatory and eloquent.

  • They are too pedantic.

Every German wife finder should know about this feature of their German female partners. Their desire to bring and maintain order is fascinating. It is pedantry that is the source of many German national virtues. The first thing that catches the eye of an international guest – is the perfection of roads, life, and service. From here grows their punctuality. That is why those who would like to meet German wife, they will have to do everything on time.

  • The frugality of Germans is fascinating.

A person who is dating German woman cannot but notice that their partner is frugal. Thus, they will never ask their partner to buy expensive clothes or bags. They would rather collect money by themselves. These girls will not love you less when you experience financial difficulties. Also, they are always ready to pay for their meal when you attend a restaurant together.

Are There Significant Differences Between German and American Girls?

Among the female Germans, there are many women looking for American men. Often, they feel lonely in their country. That is why a woman may look for an international partner. You will never know where you can meet your love. Thus, it is better to look through all the variants. Simultaneously, when finding a German wife, Americans tend to compare them to American singles. The following are the differences:

  1. Girls in Germany behave in a more restrained manner than American girls do. It doesn’t mean that Germans are dull or something like that. But they are more sophisticated and know where it’s possible to be more open and where it’s better to stay calm.
  2. These European girls are not fond of chivalry from their partners. They don’t expect their men to hold the doors in front of them. The same situation is with paying bills in restaurants. Someone may not even accept it as a compliment but vice versa. American women indeed like the excessive attention from their males. Also, they love flowers, unusual presents, and surprises.
  3. Ladies in Germany don’t only dream of getting married asap. They care more about their position in society. American ladies are more into marriage. They would like to find their partner faster and achieve all new heights together.

German wife

Where Can You Find a Wife in Germany?

Fortunately, finding a German wife is not a challenge. For this, you should only know where to find them.

Visit Big Cities

The concentration of attractive women in Germany is higher in big cities. Thus, we would recommend the capital, Berlin. Also, you may visit Leipzig, Munich, Dusseldorf, and several others. In large cities, people are looking for more success opportunities. Big cities are more suitable for extensive social activities: concerts, museums, and places of interest. There, one may meet German women who are looking for their partners.

Local Bars and Nightclubs Are Always Vivid

You will not find a better place to find a local girl for relationships in the evening and nighttime. It can be more about hookups, but you will meet someone attractive. Your potential German wife can be there.

What to Do During the Daytime?

There are many local shops and coffee shops, where one may meet singles from Germany. In Berlin, we would recommend visiting Mitte District or Kreuzberg. There, you will find enough places to have a pleasant time.

Online Dating Sites

Online dating communities are not only for hookups or short-term relationships. One may also find German Women for marriage there. But for these purposes, we would recommend visiting only reputable websites where profile verification is obligatory. Then, scammers will not bother you. The possibility of meeting a local and international partner is high online.

German Brides: Final Thoughts

Females in Germany have lots of unique features, which make them even more attractive. They are different from Eastern European girls and American girls. If you would like to find a German wife, you should be ready for peculiarities possessed by Germans. Females in Germany are self-sufficient and independent. They are always trying to reach higher points in their career and personal development. It is quite normal to meet a forty years old woman with a newborn child. Girls there are not in a hurry to create families or establish serious relationships. But when you meet a woman from Germany, be ready for equal relationships and don’t be surprised if your female partner is more successful in their area. Women are well educated and always know what they want in their families and life. So, be ready to respond to these standards as well.


Is it Challenging to Find a German Mail Order Bride?

There are no significant challenges in finding a German wife there. For this, it is necessary to visit Germany and take the first steps. But try to avoid all the fallacies when meeting girls from there. If you follow their mentality, your chances to prolong relationships will increase. Thus, you should be respectful towards your woman and appreciate her personal space. To understand where you may find your mail order wife, read above.

What Are the Main Misconceptions About German Women?

The main stereotypical image of German females is a fluffy woman with beer glasses. However, they do not over consume alcoholic beverages. They go in for sports and always try to look fit and attractive. But they do it more for themselves, but not for males around. Also, German women are pretty enough despite the widespread misconception. They care for themselves, although they prefer casual clothes in their everyday life.

How to Behave When You Are Dating a Lady from Germany?

German women there would like to leave their parents, but they always respect them. So, be ready for meetings with her family members. Be prepared that your girl is constantly engaged in various activities and wait for support from you. Also, try to behave naturally when meeting with her friends. Even if you are from another country, they will try to understand you. Also, always discuss what you are feeling and what is your attitude towards family and children.

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