The Best Guide To British Single Women

International dating is fun and pushes our borders. We communicate with people from abroad online and have a chance to meet new individuals while traveling. Naturally, we become curious about dating foreigners. For instance, single British women are popular among men.

It’s not as difficult to date a single British female, but still, the dating process has a few peculiarities. Thus, this article focuses on the main facts about British women. Moreover, readers will learn about the dating culture in the UK.

🌆Best Cities to Meet Single Women:London, Manchester, Birmingham-Wolverhampton, Leeds-Bradford, and Liverpool.
💁Average Number Of Singles:Around 12 million.
🧓Average Singles Age:Around 25-35 years old.
📱Best Dating Site/App:Hinge, Tinder. 
British Single Women

Who Are British Singles?

It’s easy to assume that you know who British singles are and what they want. True, British women get enough attention in the media, and most people know what to expect from them. However, what about the dating scene? 

When you meet British singles, it’s best to be prepared to understand them. There are many single British women ready to start serious relationships. These are a few typical British women characteristics:

  • Polite and kind.
  • Not mercantile.
  • Chill and relaxed.
  • Independent.
  • Emotionally mature.
  • Fun.

Now let’s discuss single women in the UK and their characteristics. 

Polite And Kind

Upon meeting British singles, many claims they are some of the kindest and politest people. They tend to avoid confrontation if it’s completely unnecessary. Some even say that they are passive when arguing about something. However, it’s one of the best traits British women and people in general have. 

They will do it if they have to convince someone of something and prove their point. But only if it’s 100% necessary. In all other cases, British ladies prefer to keep harmony in relationships. Truly, is it worth their time to argue about something trivial as what couch to choose for the living room? No, it’s not, and they won’t argue about many trifles. 

Not Mercantile

While women in the U.S. and some other countries care about their men’s profits, British women rarely ask about money. When you meet single girls in the UK, they consider conversations about your financial achievements impolite. It’s rude to ask someone about their income. 

However, it doesn’t mean British women don’t care about their potential boyfriend’s prospects. They won’t give a chance to lazy men who don’t put effort into achieving success.

single British women

Chill And Relaxed

Typically, British single women don’t follow some standard dating procedures like in some other countries. You may have heard about the importance of introducing yourself to the girlfriend’s parents. Well, it’s not as common in UK.

When you meet single women, you’ll be surprised by how chill and relaxed they are. They don’t follow strict dating rules, and they simply enjoy life. When dating an English woman, you are not required to schedule a meeting with her parents after a few dates. This occasion is less formal and essential for British girls. 

Even if her parents don’t like you, they’ll still accept you. And even if they don’t, your future wife won’t give up on you just because of their opinion.


Typical single British girls believe in their talent and power. They know they are capable of great things and prove this fact every day by working hard. Many British women begin their adult lives apart from their families at a young age. 

British women are used to being on their own. In contrast, being in a love relationship is a life-changing event for them. However, they prefer not to give up on their careers to become housewives. British women try to be the best versions of themselves. 

Emotionally Mature

British women have emotions, but they are good at controlling them. Yes, they have bad days. And yes, many things can accept them. But it doesn’t mean they lash out at people nearby. Most British women believe that only fixing a problem brings peace of mind. 


British dry humor is well-known around the world. British women make the funniest jokes and are not afraid of self-irony. Their jokes are always subtle and intellectual. They don’t make stupid jokes, so it’s comfortable to be in their presence. Everyone knows their jokes don’t target someone specifically to humiliate them. British women believe jokes are to entertain, not humiliate.

single women in the UK

What British Single Women Looking For In A Foreign Man? 

Typically, single British ladies prefer like-minded men. They want to date polite guys who try to be the best versions of themselves. Having common interests, similar views on life, and a comparable lifestyle are essential for British women. They feel that two people who are too different can’t form a happy partnership.

Here are a few tips on attracting British women:

  • Don’t be afraid of her initiative. It’s common for women in the said country to show initiative.
  • Don’t argue with her if she wants to split the bill. It’s another common thing in the UK. Women like to pay for themselves.
  • Be respectful and polite. British girls are used to equal treatment and polite men. If you’re rude or make sexist jokes, you won’t find a girlfriend in the U.K.
  • Be romantic. Most women love men who bring flowers, organize romantic dates, and make small gestures that show how much they care. British girls are no exception to the rule.

These are a few tips for foreigners to be successful among British women. The main rule is to be polite and honest about your intentions. 

the UK Dating Culture

The dating culture in the UK is similar to the one in the U.S. It’s easy to dive into the dating process, so you shouldn’t feel uncomfortable. However, you should know a few important things. First, being single in the UK is OK. Some people focus on other things and let everything else happen naturally. So, British women are chill and fun to be around. 

Second, ladies in the UK take time to get to know their partners. Even though most of these ladies want to settle down, they are not in a hurry to get married just for the sake of getting married. They want to ensure their partner is perfect for them.

Regarding dating culture in the UK, a typical single British woman prefers the man to initiate a connection. It’s common for guys to take the first step toward girls nearby, make compliments, and ask for a phone number or a date.

However, don’t be surprised if a woman in the UK approaches you and starts a conversation. Modern girls are chill and don’t mind asking out guys if they like them. However, they almost seldom display their adoration initially. They often enjoy martini lounges, art galleries, and bars, and when they see handsome guys, they just start a conversation to see if there is a spark.

British singles in USA

Places To Find A British Single Woman 

The obvious way to meet women in the UK is to travel to UK. However, you may find British singles in USA. Let’s check out all possible options. 


When men create accounts on dating apps, they want to meet single women online. It’s a logical decision since British ladies often use dating apps. Thus, it’s a great way to enter the dating pool in the UK.

You can even track a British woman near you without traveling to the said country. Use filters on the dating app by specifying the nationality of your potential girlfriend. You can use the following apps and sites:

  • Tinder.
  • Hinge.
  • Bumble.
  • OkCupid.
  • Happn. 
  • eHarmony.

However, you may also find beautiful British ladies on social media. For instance, use Instagram to find someone you like. Message a woman you like to see if things work. Still, dating apps offer better results.

In Person 

You can use other options to find a wife from the UK. Here are some of these methods:

  • Ask friends or relatives.
  • Ask co-workers.
  • Browse local immigrant communities.

You can use these methods to meet British women. Chances are your friends or relatives may know British women. Even your co-workers may have a single friend from this country. Thus, you can use these methods to find a girlfriend.

date British girls

Success Stories Of American Men And British Girls

Derek and Amanda. “I met Amanda on my work trip to the U.K. Let’s just say this trip changed my world. I moved to the UK and am about to marry Amanda!”

Josh and Mila. “I wasn’t expecting to meet a woman from another country, but a dating app matched me with Mila. We have many things in common, and I have never been happier.”

Greg and Emma. “My friend met his wife online, so I decided to give dating apps a try. It was a great decision since that’s how I met my amazing girlfriend, Emma.”

Everything Foreigners Should Know When Dating British Women

Author Conclusion 

If you’re genuinely attracted to British women, use all possible methods to meet British girls. You can use some obvious options and use our tips with less obvious opportunities.

The most exciting option is to travel to the country to find singles in the UK. However, it will take a while to find a girlfriend if you’re into serious relationships. Thus, you should stay for a few months. 

Everyone can’t work remotely to travel to the UK and date British girls. So, the easiest option is to use dating apps. They are affordable and effective, and introduce men to the greatest pool of dating options.

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