The Best Guide To Armenian Single Women

Unless you live under a rock, you don’t know who Kardashians are. But what most people don’t know is that they are of Armenian ancestry. More people, especially men, learn about this fact, and they want to meet single Armenian women.

Overall, if you check out profiles of Armenian singles on dating apps or social media, they are even more beautiful than Kardashians. They have unique appearances and are extremely attractive. It’s clear why so many men are willing to travel to Armenia just to find gorgeous Armenian women. Check out our guide to learn where and how to meet Armenian girls with or without traveling to the said country. 

🌆Best Cities to Meet Single Women:Yerevan, Gyumri, and Vanadzor.
💁Average Number Of Singles:Up to a million.
🧓Average Singles Age:25-30 years old.
📱Best Dating Site/App:Barev, Tinder. 
Armenian Single Women

Who Are Armenian Singles?

Armenia is not a big or populated country, but it surely has some of the most beautiful women. The good news is that even though Armenia’s population isn’t even 3 million, around 15% of women are single. Thus, you can easily find gorgeous single Armenian girls. But what should a foreign man know about Armenian women? Here are a few key facts to remember:

  • Kindness and good manners.
  • Family values.
  • Enigmatic nature and exotically beauty.

Now let’s see the details. 

Kind And Well-Mannered

Aside from the beauty of Armenian single women, their personalities should also be acknowledged. Their politeness and friendliness are among the most endearing personality traits. 

Armenian women who grow up with traditional values become great wives. Moreover, they respect others and always choose to be polite and pleasant unless someone is rude. They definitely can take care of themselves if someone is rude!

Family Values

The culture in Armenia revolves around the family and its importance. Modern single Armenian ladies embrace local customs and values and place family first. These ladies are devoted to their spouses and allow a guy to take the lead in the family.

However, gorgeous Armenian women become wonderful moms and wives who care for their family’s well-being. Every wife in Armenia is supportive and caring to her husband and kids. She is the wise person behind every decision a husband makes. It’s because of their wisdom that they inherit from their mothers and grandmothers.

single Armenian women

Enigmatic And Exotically Beautiful

Even if you’ve never spoken to an Armenian lady before, their looks may have captivated you (for instance, if you like Kim Kardashian’s looks). When you meet Armenian singles, their facial characteristics are distinct and strikingly beautiful. Most local Armenian girls have large dark brown eyes framed by long black eyelashes, a straight pointed nose, straight silky black hair, and a relatively light complexion. These fantastic features in Armenian women’s appearances make them so appealing. Armenian women also have gorgeous bodies. They are typical of average or small heights yet with captivating curves. These girls prefer to dress elegantly and modestly, emphasizing their femininity and elegance.

Optimistic But Reserved With Strangers

Typically, single women in Armenia choose to be joyful and live full lives despite the many shortcomings they often experience. It’s one of those things that draw individuals worldwide to these beauties. On the other hand, Armenian women might be reserved and timid with strangers since they are educated to be modest and well-mannered in public. Thus, don’t be discouraged if you receive a cold shoulder at first.

What Armenian Single Women Looking For In A Foreign Man? 

You may have difficulty understanding what she wants if you meet a single Armenian female and truly like her. Different upbringings and cultures influence our beliefs and behavior.

Thus, you must understand what an Armenian woman wants when you meet single women of the said nationality. Here are the men Armenian women want to date:

  • Loving. Armenian women believe romantic relationships have a chance only when there are genuine feelings. As a result, if a man does not have genuine affection for an Armenian woman, he shouldn’t even try to date her. Thus, if you want to hook up, Armenian women aren’t into casual relationships. They are into men who want to dedicate their love and affection to their girlfriends. 
  • Sincere. Armenian girls dislike two-faced guys. You should be genuine and straightforward and don’t sugar-coat things. You should always be honest and clear about your intentions. 
  • Generous. Armenian women expect their men to be generous and willing to spend money on lovely dates and cute presents. Greedy individuals have little chance of winning over Armenian women.
  • Active and willing to improve. When meeting Armenian singles, most foreigners note that these ladies are active and always do something. Thus, they don’t like the so-called couch potato men. You must have plans for the future and work on yourself to be the best version of yourself!

The most valuable thing Armenian girls like in foreigners is sincerity. They don’t want to date men who want to hook up and have an adventure while leaving them with broken hearts.

meet single Armenian women

Armenia Dating Culture 

Before you figure out whether to meet girls nearby, let’s figure out more about the culture in Armenia. Check out some of the most important factors of the dating culture in Armenia. 

They Don’t Fall In Love Easily

Don’t expect to meet single girls who express affection toward you only after one date. These lovely ladies require much more time to grasp how wonderful you are and whether you are “marriage material.” 

As mentioned, being single in Armenia means looking for serious romantic relationships. Thus, she doesn’t want to fool around and seeks a future husband so that she won’t fall for your looks but for personality. Patience and honesty are essential for meeting Armenian women.

Family Acceptance

If you want to date Armenian girls, you must be ready to meet their families. A woman in a traditional household in Armenia must organize a meeting between her sweetheart and her parents before a serious relationship. 

Typically, her family asks about a possible lover’s reputation, social and financial standing, etc. They don’t do it because they are curious or rude. They want the best for their daughter. If a single Armenian woman intends to introduce you to her parents, she considers you a future husband. 

Men Show Serious Intentions

The traditional culture in Armenia states that a man must have serious intentions. He must have a stable job, prospects, and plans. Only then is he considered a serious match for an Armenian woman. 

Moreover, gorgeous singles in Armenia may be hard to get. Thus, a guy must go to great lengths to demonstrate how much he wants to be with a woman. If he doesn’t give up, the Armenian woman will realize he is sincere in his pursuits. That is why it is critical to be persistent when you meet Armenian girls.

single women in Armenia

Places To Find A Armenian Single Woman

Most people immediately jump to the conclusion that if they want to meet people of a specific nationality, they must travel to that country. While traveling is an amazing opportunity to explore the world, it’s not always an option. Some people haven’t had a vacation in years and don’t plan to change their schedules. Others simply don’t like traveling.

Moreover, visiting a country as a tourist is not always effective in finding love. Try convincing a beautiful lady that you want to date her when you’re in the country only for two weeks! Thus, we have prepared a few options suitable for people who can or can’t travel. Every person should be able to meet Armenian women. 


The easiest way to meet single women online is to use dating apps. Here are a few convenient dating sites and apps to find Armenian women:

  • Barev.
  • Mamba.
  • Tinder.
  • InternationalCupid.
  • Match (good to meet Armenian singles in USA).
  • eHarmony (usable to find women from Armenian in Canada and the U.S.).
  • Iris.

The good news is that you may even find a match without traveling to Armenia. The U.S. has one of the biggest communities of people from Armenian in the world. However, you may also travel to Armenia upon meeting the love of your life that you met online. 

In Person 

If you are determined to meet women in Armenia or from this country, you can do it by traditional means. Here are the most popular methods to use:

  • Travel to Armenia to meet Armenian women.
  • Ask friends, colleagues, or relatives if they know singles from this country.
  • Check out diasporas.

These are the most effective options to meet Armenian women.

meet Armenian singles in USA

Success Stories Of American Men And Armenian Girls

  • Andrew and Berjouhi. “I met my future wife on one of the most popular dating apps. I was astounded by her gorgeous appearance and charming personality. Her wits and sense of humor caught my heart.”
  • James and Hasmig. “I found Hasmig’s profile on Tinder, and I thought she looked amazing. I checked her bio and found out that she is from Armenia. She enamored me, and we are happy together.”
  • John and Shogher. “Even though I’m not into having affairs at work, I couldn’t help but fall for Shogher. Luckily, our relationship worked out, and we have been married for almost three years!”

Tips On Dating Women From Armenia

Author Conclusion 

If you want to find an Armenian woman near you, your best choice is to use a dating app. You should be lucky if you live in the U.S. because it hosts one of the biggest diasporas from Armenia. However, you may also travel to this beautiful country to find a girlfriend in person.

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